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The first genuine kayak motor An outboard suitable for kayaks needs to meet very special standards: It must be extremely light and also watertight. The motor needs to fit onto almost any kayak. It must be faster than a kayaker can paddle, and provide a worthwhile range. The result of these challenges is called Ultralight, which meets all these demands. It weighs only 7 kg including battery.

Torqeedo Ultralight's – key features:

  • Total weight 7.3 kg including battery
  • Maximum speed 9-10 km/h (boat dependent), faster than any trolling motor
  • Range at lower speed 42 km (boat dependent)
  • Completely waterproof (IP 67)
  • Precise GPS-based calculation of remaining range
  • Solar rechargeable – including during the voyage

Torqeedo Ultralight

Ultralight 403 with integrated battery (29.6 V / 11 Ah)

Fishing kayak (Hobie Mirage Revolution), 4.1 m, 26.3 kg

Speed in km/h Range in km/h Run time in hours
Slow speed 4.2 35.2 8:20
Half power 6.0 25.0 4:10
Full power 9.3 7.4 0:48

Ultralight 403 with integrated battery (29.6 V / 11 Ah)

Touring kayak (Prijon Prilite T470), 4.7 m, 23 kg

Speed in km/h Range in km/h Run time in hours
Slow speed 4.2 42.0 10:00
Half power 6.2 26.0 4:10
Full power 9.8 7.8 0:48

Useful Information;

Steering: The Ultralight 403 can be attached to the kayak’s steering system/rudder.

Safety: The motor shuts off when the magnet key is removed from the remote throttle control. The motor only runs when the magnetic key is placed in position on the throttle and stops immediately when the key is removed. For safety reasons, the magnetic key should be attached to your wrist or life vest. If the kayak capsizes, the motor shuts off automatically to avoid possible injury.

Battery charging: When fully discharged, the charge time with the charger supplied is approximately 12 hours.

Solar charging: A 45 W solar panel is available as an accessory.

Lithium battery life expectancy: The life of a lithium battery is barely affected by charging cycles. It has no memory effect. Therefore, the battery can be fully recharged after every trip, regardless of the charge status
shown on the display. Generally, a loss of capacity of 4% per year can be expected. Ageing is accelerated if the battery is exposed to high temperatures for long periods while fully charged.

Our recommendation: The battery can be used in very hot conditions but should be stored in a cool place away from the sun when not in use. 8 years after date of production, your battery needs to be inspected by a service center.

Specifications integrated battery: The integrated battery has a capacity of 320 Wh, i.e. 11 Ah at 29.6 V.

Limited warranty: 2 years.

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