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PaddleSki Kayaks

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If you're looking to have fun on the water in all kinds of ways, the Sea Eagle PaddleSki is for you. The unique catamaran kayak design allows for unprecedented over-the-water performance in all kinds of configurations.

Whether you want to paddle, motor, row, sail or fish the Paddleski kayaks have something for everyone.


The PaddleSki is great for paddling trips at the spur of the moment - or weeklong camping trips in the bush. The catamaran design keeps the hull out of the water for low drag and high boat speed. Because both models will pack in a car trunk, you can avoid spending hundreds on a roof rack or thousands on a trailer. And you don't have to sacrifice half your garage for winter storage.


Using either an electric or petrol outboard, the PadddleSki is cable of surprising speed due to the sleek, catamaran/kayak design. With our motor mounts an electric motor up to 55 lbs. thrust can power a PaddleSki to that ideal fishing spot nobody else can reach!