Customer Reviews

Steven Wells , from Worksop

5 Stars

Good price

Good well made product.

Excellent pricing

Phil Chapman, from Teesside

5 Stars

Excellent bit of kit.

Well manufactured canoe. 10 min you are on the water. Plenty of storage if needed, Stable canoe.

Russ S, from East Midlands

5 Stars

Cool kayak!

An eye-catching kayak wherever I go, .......and my kayak buddy, who also has a Sea Eagle!!

Quite tough, even in white water, although the balance sideways takes a bit of getting used to compared to my first kayak. Love the whole package, especially the luxury seats but the seat slides backwards over a period and it's not possible to anchor them. Oars are effective and the bag is adequate. Dries easily and quickly.

Very impressed.....and Spindrift should be mentioned. Customer Service is excellent.

Steve Roberts, from Thames Valley

5 Stars

Top Service from Spindrift

Only used the Razorlite 393 half a dozen times or so but very pleased so far. Easy to inflate and prepare and easy to paddle even for a beginner like myself.

Couple of points to note:

- Seen reviews commenting on stability ('hippiness'). Yes it is a thin, and therefore slightly less stable, kayak but I didn't have any issues as a beginner and launched and paddled in the sea with just a couple of very slight wobbles

- Footrests are a little stiff and tricky to install / remove. Probably be ok after a bit of use

- The one thing that I think could be improved upon is a handle at the midpoint of the kayak. Carrying to the sea edge can be quite heavy and slippery and a handle would help a lot

I did have a slight issue and contacted spindrift who resolved very quickly, efficiently and politely. A true example of what customer service should be like and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Thanks and well done guys

Russ, from Derbyshire

5 Stars

Awesome seats

These seats are the best I've seen. I am over 65 and need the support through my back when rowing. These give full support to and old git like me, who doesn't want to give up on sport adventure just yet!!!

Big Zebedee , from Scotland

5 Stars


Drop stitch floor & No fabric outer to dry off

Lesley Roe, from Edinburgh

5 Stars

Very easy to assemble and inflate. Feels very comfortable and stable in the water. Would highly recommend.

Jill , from Cornwall

5 Stars

Fab design and lite

I just want you to know that I can't speak highly enough about the outboard wish we had bought one at least a year ago fab design able efficient and lite an extremely useful bit off kit for those not wanting to lug weights about. It has done all we have asked of it on a tidal river

Chris, from Telford

4 Stars

Enjoyed first outing

Had first outing on choppy lake Bala. Easy to inflate and put away, hard old paddle against the wind but once out had a great few hours and the kayak was ideal, perfect for taking in boot of camper

James Carmichael, from Inverurie

5 Stars


Quick to assemble, robust, strong and fits into Kayak easily.

Elaine Smith , from Merthyr tydfil

5 Stars


Excellent service and product

Andy , from Johnston

5 Stars

Great product

The team and SpinDrift were great first of all answering a list of questions that I had which gave me confidence in buying this item. Once out and unboxed it was clear the E propulsion motor is a quality product. And the out on the water that was also proven. The motor is quiet and and quick, nice to have been able to motor back from my paddling sometimes! Highlight recommend retainer and product!

Paul Entwistle, from Preston

5 Stars

Great Quality product, Arrived early. Great customer service

Received my Sea Eagle 370 and could not wait to get it out on the lake. I asked spindrift could we order an extra seat so we could get 3 people in at once which they delivered with no fuss :) 1st impressions, it was blown up and ready to go in about 10 minutes, It is made out of quality material which does not feel like it would puncture very easily. 1st adventure, went out with 2 adult men and 18year old son. The kayak was very sturdy and did not feel that it would capsize easily even though we was getting used to trying to balance whilst rowing lol. 2 nd time out just 2 adults, the kayak now felt even more sturdy. Even the waves from the passing boats did not even make it feel like it would tip over. Really impressed with the Kayak, would recommend to anybody considering buying one.

Nicky bartholomew-esders, from Leeds

5 Stars

Spare skeg

Would always use this company, perfect in every way

Nick Snelling, from Bristol

5 Stars


These are almost a must for whitewater. You feel much more stable, and much more connected to the kayak. Even for long days paddling with minimal whitewater, they help transfer some of the paddling force to the kayak (as there are no footrests). They also come in handy when lifting the kayak as a handle/strap. They stay permanently on my kayak.

Nick Snelling, from Bristol

5 Stars

Great versatile solid kayak: brilliant for kayak-camping.

I have now used this extensively on multi-day kayak camping trips. I chose it as I wanted a stable kayak that could handle whitewater, and would be tough and able to withstand bumping into trees and rocks and scraping over river beds, in remote locations, fully loaded. It handled long trips (such as 130km River Spey Grade 1-2 whitewater) extremely well, it tracks well on the flatter water and is manoeuvrable enough for whitewater, and just bounces off rocks). I've also tried it unloaded at a whitewater centre, where again it did well, though I did manage to flip it in the end! Because of the drop stitch floor, you can open all the drain holes (you need to tuck the caps under the floor, or they will just float over and cover the drain holes again) and you are not sitting in water, the water just stays under the drop-stitch floor). I now do multi-day trips in whitewater with the drain wholes open all the time. Numerous times I passed canoes that had to stop and bail the water out, whereas the Sea Eagle just automatically drains. A great feature.

What you gain in stability, means it is not the fastest boat on the water, but the faster kayaks are less stable and can't manage higher grades of whitewater. Because it is bigger and tougher, it weighs a fair amount, so heavy to carry alone. It can also take a while to dry, as you have to remove the drop-stitch floor as well to dry thoroughly. Pumping it up is hard work: I would definitely get the motor pump. For short flat water trips I use my much lighter (11kg) Gumotex twist which is very easy to inflate/deflate/pack away and carry, but it does a different job.

This kayak is just brilliant for longer days on the water, especially if there is some whitewater, and if you want to load it with lots of gear.

The other thing I would add is if you do long days, it might be worth getting one of the inflatable cushions (it definitely saved my derriere). I would also get the shallower swept back skeg for rivers.

Nick Snelling, from Bristol

4 Stars

Great as an electric assist.

I bought this mostly for fun and love it. It is a little like an electric bike, useful as an assist though could be used on its own without paddling too much. If you do get one, it is essential to make sure your skeg mount is absolutely straight, otherwise you will keep veering to one side, making it pretty much unusable at higher speeds unless you want to go in circles. Used a low speeds it is excellent as a small paddle assist, and can keep going for around 5 hours. I've not tried it at maximum speed for long periods. Overall when using this you often have to adjust direction with the paddle. One thing to be aware of is the kayak handles differently with this on, and also it creates a fair amount of drag, so if you run out of battery it becomes hard work paddling. Another thing to watch is in rivers at least it can attract weed and debris, and if you scrape it against anything it is liable to come off (but remains attached by the wires). So perhaps better suited to lakes and the sea etc, rather than rivers, and take care in shallow waters.

Nick Snelling, from Bristol

4 Stars

Shallower skeg for rivers

The normal Sea Eagle skeg is 10 inches deep; fine for sea and lakes but less useful in many UK rivers. This skeg is shorter in depth at 7 inches, but still tracks really very well, and scrapes the river beds a little less. Used extensively on the Rivers Spey and Wye. It is pretty expensive for what it is mind, hence dropped a star. I even managed to find a cheap 4 inch skeg online for very shallow rivers, though it tracks far less well than the Sea Eagle 7 inch version.

Brian Asquith , from East Riding of Yorkshire

5 Stars

Quick to fit, well made and easy to use

Works well on my aquaglide kayak, not tried it on my sup yet but should be ok. Battery life and speed as the spec. Not something I intend to use all the time so electric motor ideal. This product is a lot of fun and Spindrift were very helpful.

Chris, from Devon

5 Stars

Proven inflatable kayak

Purchased in 2020, I have paddled many waters from the top of Scotland including the Caledonian Canal to here in Devon. I use GPS tracking and I've clocked up plus 800 miles to date in my 393. I often wild camp in my vehicle across the country and take my kayak wherever I go as it takes up little space. Its inflatable design makes it for me second to none for performance in its range. Fantastic product for the price highly recommend.

Nicholas Middleton, from Isle of Skye, Scotland

5 Stars

Well Made, Durable

The Kayak came on time, was well packaged and the advice I received was clear and thoughtful. When I had a qestion it was answered promptly which gives you a lot of confidence when purchasing.

Michael East, from Cornwall

4 Stars

Proper Job!

Excellent product, works as it should and very robust! Unfortunately the bolts/nuts on the sliding coller were put in the wrong way round hence only four stars. …. should really have been picked up during quality control check! The service / response from Dave at Spindrift was excellent! I have tried it successfully on three boats( different size / weight etc), and would recommend to others.

Dan, from Nottingham

5 Stars


I'm quite happy with this inflatable kayak, it can be easily transported by 2 persons but better use a trolley . It seems pretty sturdy , I used it for a few times only, it does the job . There are plenty of options for this model: paddling , rowing, sailing or just simply add an electric engine , whatever suits you . I hope it will last many years .

Martin Jones, from Cheltenham

5 Stars

Really well designed kayak with incredible rigidity when inflated. Waiting for some decent weather to be able to get it on the water but you can just tell its going to be great fun.

Brilliant to be able to pack it in the back of the car and it doesn't need a lot of storage space.

Neville Sparks , from Haslemere

5 Stars

420x Explorer

Received recently a 420x Sea Eagle Explorer. Easy to inflate and the drop stitch floor makes it very solid. Looking forward to taking it out soon.

Ivor Hook, from Ballymena

5 Stars

Buying experience

Having just purchased the 385fta cannot review on item as yet . What I can say the buying experience was excellent . Mark was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the kayaks as I was not to sure to go for the fta or the explorer range . After discussion I set my sights on the fta. On ordering I asked Mark if it was possible to order a new pimp tube for my foot pump for my SE 370 . It was thrown on at no extra expense. Items arrived when they were due and on opening found that he had gave me a brand new complete foot pump. I have no problem in recommending spindrift for the purchasing of kayaks and Mark is a real gentleman. THANKS guys for all your help. When I get out on the water with the kayak I will send in a review on the FTA. Cant wait .

Alastair Neri, from Aberdeenshire

5 Stars

excellent service

very good product, not used it yet but I am sure it will do the job

Stuart Haysom, from Redhill,Surrey

5 Stars

Really tough.

Added this seat to the wife’s SUP as at the moment she cannot stand on it for to long and has bad knees so cannot kneel for to long either. The seat has been a revelation,it’s easy to inflate just by blowing,no pump needed,is easy to secure,is practically bombproof,dries out really fast and extremely comfortable. Had the seat since the middle of last year so felt now was the time to rate it. Dealing with mark at spindrift was also a pleasure.

Roger, from Midlands

5 Stars

I haven't tried the product yet but excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

Nicky, from Leeds

5 Stars


Does exactly what it says it should

Simon Oates, from Macclesfield Cheshire

5 Stars

Fantastic product backed up by amazing customer service

Purchased my new Sea Eagle 385 Fasttrack pro carbon package from Spindrift.

Mark at spindrift was amazing and gave fantastic advice as well as answering my questions in order to ensure that the kayak I eventually purchased was the right choice for my needs.

Had a few trips out in my new kayak over the last few weeks and I have to say, compared to other makes of kayak I’ve been in doing same trips, the sea eagle is in a different league.

Much faster paddling and amazing tracking.

Build quality amazing too.

5 stars from me.

Allan, from Grampian

5 Stars

Safe and solid

Delighted with this canoe. Wasn’t cheap but I feel it was worth every penny. Very firm when inflated, packs up small, and most importantly for me, dry after a capsize. I feel very safe taking my young kids out in this. Only minus: please get the same person who designed the canoe to do the carry bag, it’s awful. Been trying to find a replacement.

Hywel Watkin, from North Wales

5 Stars

Excellent product

Very robust, holds two adults and two small children with no sagging and keeps direction very well even in wind. Good one or two man boat. Takes 10 minutes to inflate with an electric pump and rig seats etc and same to deflate although it needs time to dry afterwards before final packing. All in all very pleased

Steve Hardy, from Nottingham

5 Stars

I chose the sea eagle 380 after reviving great advice from spindrift, they were not pushy and gave what I considered their honest opinion and I would definitely buy from them again. I recommend a friend and he also purchased from them and he was also very happy! The one small issue we had was the reliability of the courier service but this wasn’t a spindrift issue and they did everything they could to keep me updated throughout the delayed delivery process

The biggest like for me is the build quality, it’s extremely well made and gives me lots of confidence on the water. I don’t currently have any dislikes about this product

Dave Hirst, from Newcastle upon Tyne

5 Stars

Sea eagle kayak

This canoe has been brilliant for me , wife and 12 yr old daughter on holiday up in Nairn Scotland. Only takes about 5 mins to inflate and is very stable in quite choppy sea conditions- for the price and quality you can’t really fault the product . Spindrift thanks - top class service 👍

Jeff cooper , from Halstead Essex

5 Stars

Lightweight and sleek

So easy to inflate and deflate. I fix the footrests in first. Very comfortable seat, very stable plenty of space for a day trip .

Neville Sparks , from Haslemere

5 Stars

Excellent product

Loved the upgraded seats and the additional height it gives in the boat.

As usual the service provided is just fantastic by Spindrift. Thanks Mark and the team.

Caroline, from Redhill

5 Stars

Great for rivers and canals

Gives our 380X better tracking overall

M. McNinch, from Bangor, County Down

5 Stars

Excellent performance and a great alternative to petrol based outboards

The outboard is light enough to carry comfortably without the battery attached. It works quietly, and though I haven't used it much yet the battery life appears to be great.

I also wanted the convenience of not having to carry petrol on board my main vessel due to the inherent fire hazard.

I purchased this to replace a Mercury 3hp petrol engine for my tender, and it has been an excellent choice as it is more than able to cope with the tender and two adults.

Nigel Farmer, from Sandbach

5 Stars

SeaEagle Thigh Straps

Difficult to be too fulsome about such an utilitarian product but they are easy to fit and do help to give greater authority to the control of the boat. Recommend.

Stephen Brankin, from Hereford

5 Stars

Buying my first Kayaks

Previously I had only paddled in a Canadian canoe and I loved the experience. Then lucky enough to move to be 2 minutes walk from the river Wye I decided to buy 2 x kayaks, but I wanted inflatable ones. Having done my research I decided I would go for Sea Eagle and phoned Spindrift. Dave and Mark were absolutely brilliant in terms of their swiftness of response to my initial communications and understanding my needs and concerns. In the end I opted for a razorlite 393RL and a Fast Track 385. The service for delivery was almost too efficient as they were to arrive on the one day of the week I would not be home, but again the swiftness of response from Dave & the team meant the delivery was quickly re-scheduled for the following day. We have yet to use the 385, but the 393 is fantastic. As the water on the Wye is quite shallow at the moment I haven’s used the Skeg but I have found no issues with direction..Thank you to Dave and the team, when I next need anything to do with Kayaking you will be my first port of call.

At the same time I would like to advise that before you use the Kayaks for the first time I would practice at least a couple of times on each setting up and packing up. I did this in my lounge. The 385 is a doddle to set up. The 393 not quite so due to the footrests. Black mark against Sea Eagle for these, they are incredibly hard work to put in and remove from the boat, the could so easily put in an over and close clasp! As to packing up, I needed to be able to do this as I am walking from the house to the river so it was critical to be able to re-pack the big rucksack to get home along the river path. Here comes the second epic fail from Sea Eagle, your instructions and video for re-packing the 393 are shockingly bad. The video is not even for the newest iteration of the 393RL, and the kayak they use in the videos looks like its made of black bin liners and folds way to easy and is in no way typical of what you will encounter when you try and re-pack. I have now found a way to repack, but no thanks to Sea Eagle.

But at the end of the despite two minor niggles, I have to say ultimately, fantastic Kayaks from Sea Eagle, and fantastic customer experience from Spindrift, especially being new to the wonderful world of Kayaking

Chris Griggs, from At. Ives

5 Stars

Great pump

The pump is very fast , comes with a bag that contains everything including the 12v battery with is a motorcycle type battery. Only thing is the charger came with American plug so rather than cut it off and fit uk plug, I got and adapter from Amazon

Andy Parker, from London

5 Stars

Great product and service

The choice of inflatable kayaks on the market is vast. I did my research and decided Sea Eagle was what I wanted spoke to Mark at length about what he thought would be right for our family. Great advice and fast delivery. I would highly recommend.

Andy Parker, from London

5 Stars

Quality product and service

The choice of inflatable kayaks on the market is vast. I did my research and decided Sea Eagle was what I wanted spoke to Mark at length about what he thought would be right for our family. Great advice and fast delivery. I would highly recommend.

Adam Paynter, from Truro

4 Stars

Light weight outboard

I brought the engine to power my inflatable tender out to my yacht which is moored 100m or so off shore. It has been effective at propelling the tender two up and loaded with bags when it would otherwise be difficult to row. I am not sure how well it would push into a wind or a chop but so far in moderate conditions with light winds and sea, it performs well. I have used no more than 25% of the battery for the round trip and that is pushing along at power level 5 or 6, so range is plenty enough for my purposes. Overall I am really pleased, it is clean, light weight and easy to use. It comes with an excellent bag and manual. My only complaint is the propellor which is made of fragile plastic and is easy to damage - it got entangled in weed in the shallows on the first outing and the leading edge chipped. The propellor remains usable but I would guess with some loss of efficiency. I am much more careful now leaving the shore and have saved the spare propellor for when the propellor becomes more worn. Hopefully replacement propellors are available.

D Shand, from Broughty Ferry

5 Stars

Just a very good product

Just brilliant

Richard Hogg, from Pateley Bridge

5 Stars

Fast, light, stable

See above

Steven Percival, from Chester

5 Stars

Great product. Brilliant for rivers. Very stable and safe. Brilliant and helpful service at Spindrift.

No dislikes.

Hugh Llewelyn Evans, from Cardiff

5 Stars

A lot of money, but worth it

OK, so this is a lot of money for a pool toy.

But it is in no way a pool toy, but a seriously impressive bit of kit. While it may cost more than a conventional canoe, think of it like a Brompton. That extra money allows you to persue something that your vehicle or household may have otherwise rendered unviable. My partner and I love in a flat, and drive a saloon. Yet we have a 16 foot canoe that sits in the back of the car ready for whenever we want it.

So far it's been in the Bristol chanel, Lake District, althe Yoe, and so on. It has performed admirably. Very easy to set up and put away (once you remember the process), very sturdy, unsinkable. And so on.

I'm very much a fan and while it cost the same as a good used car, I would happily buy again for the convenience and performance it offers.

michel cathala, from ST jean de vedas (FRANCE)

5 Stars

razorlite kayak 473

kayak very pleasant to ride and navigate

stability to be mastered but the speed is at this price. very good quality I highly recommend it

Kevin Harding, from Reading

4 Stars

Robust well made product for carrying inflatable kayak

Bought this backpack to carry my Sea Eagle 385 FT. You need to make sure the kayak is rolled up well otherwise you will struggle to get it into the bag. Well made product though.

Chris Onslow, from Oxfordshire

4 Stars

Fantastic Hybrid SUP used by all th family as a SUP and as a seated Kayak

As a 4 generations family with a Dog our first inflatable purchase was a Sea Eagle 380X Kayak. However, with two adults, granddaughter and Dog loaded we were often leaving one member of the party ashore. The Sea eagle SUP solves the issue - for those that like to SUP - it is straightforward but for those preferring the speed of a Kayak - in seated mode with a double paddle - the Hybrid SUP is agile and speedy !

Phil Thomas, from Cheltenham

4 Stars

Improved over original

Simpler, lighter and better made than our old one - s/s fasteners a big improvement, floor better - flat and stiff. Carry bag still a faff and hasn't moved on. Worth having the better seats and paddles and the ability to clip an electric motor into the skeg slot is just, well - electric!!

Mac McCarthy, from Cambridge & Spain.

5 Stars

Excellent Customer Service

I had been watching this product for a few months and when it finally became available I had an enquiry regarding the pump which came with it, the uk site showed just the foot pump and the America showed a large hand pump.

Mark and his team responded to my enquiry the same day and explained that they could supply the Hand pump if required.

I didnt reply but ordered the kayak anyway and to my surprise they added the Hand pump as well to the order.

Fantastic customer service all round.

And the delivery was also exceptionally quick.

Just need to try it out on the rivers and canals and the coast.

Good job


Ben, from Birmingham

5 Stars

SE 385FT Pro

Thank you Mark and the Spindrift UK team! Excellent advice from start to finish, second to none customer service and quality products. We went straight out on to the water today and loved every minute :) The Sea Eagle Fasttrack 385 really is a confidence inspiring kayak, tracks beautifully straight, turns well and very stable! Love it

Petra, from Wiltshire

5 Stars

Customer service

Hello Mark,

Just want to say thank you!!

The kayak arrived today, I'm impressed!!!

You're doing great job, please carry on as you are !!! :-)

With very kind regards


Stephen, from Cornwall

5 Stars

SE 385 Fast Track

Hi Mark, I received my parcel today, thank you so much for your brilliant service, will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, I still have and have a lot of fun with fast track 385 from over 10 years ago and still as good as new thanks again Mark👍

Matt, from London

5 Stars

Hi Mark

Just a quick email to thank you for all of your help and advice re. the Sea Eagle 385 FT, which was a perfect addition to our holiday. It was exactly what we were looking for, and the kids really enjoyed being able to paddle and participate. I'm very grateful to you and your team for your excellent customer service, and for the great product.

Thanks again


Ray Nash, from Norwich

5 Stars

Sea Eagle SE 393 RL

Hi Mark,

I received the kayak the following day, thank you. So pleased with it, used it on Sunday and had a great first inflatable kayak experience, it cuts through the water so well and the skeg provided great tracking capability. Inflation was so quick and easy and the foot rests are a fantastic upgrade.

So pleased I did the research and contacted Spindrift. Thank you for the excellent service you provided & the quick dispatch of the goods. Expensive but money well spent, the quality of this product is unrivalled.

Thanks for your help & support Mark.

Would definitely recommend Spindrift to others.

Best Wishes


Very Happy Customer.

Tramplite, from UK

5 Stars

I'm 4 weeks into a 6 week bike and kayak tour of Scotland's Lochs. Bought this after excellent advice from Mark and couldn't be happier. I tow the 385ft on a trailer behind a Airnimal folding bike, on the water the 385 carries the trailer and bike without any handling issues. So far I've kayaked 20 Lochs. It handles choppy Scottish Lochs without issues and is as good as can be expected in headwinds (like most inflatables it's quite wide so not as good as a hard shell). Took it out to sea in Moidart and it was fine but this isn't a sea kayak. Works well with a sail and I was able to paddle Loch Shiel with minimal effort. Kayak does weigh more than advertised, so I assume that weight is without seat, bag etc. Real on the water weight is nearer 20kg.. Overall this is a superb kayak for touring with a bike. It's stable, reliable, well made and Spindrift are an excellent company to deal with.

Michael, from Hants

5 Stars

I purchased both a Razorlite 473 and 393 from Spindrift. Firstly they very reactive to my enquires replying within an hour each time I had a question, then the price was the lowest I could find with some shops asking a ridiculous £2000+ for the 393 Pro package. The kayaks arrived next day and were everything I was expecting. Great service.

Michael, from Hants

5 Stars

I purchased both a Razorlite 473 and 393 from Spindrift. Firstly they very reactive to my enquires replying within an hour each time I had a question, then the price was the lowest I could find with some shops asking a ridiculous £2000+ for the 393. The kayaks arrived next day and were everything I was expecting. Great service.

Michael, from Hants

5 Stars

I purchased both a Razorlite 473 and 393 from Spindrift. Firstly they very reactive to my enquires replying within an hour each time I had a question, then the price was the lowest I could find with some shops asking a ridiculous £2000+ for the 393 Pro package. The kayaks arrived next day and were everything I was expecting. Great service.

Michael, from Hampshire

5 Stars

I purchased both a Razorlite 473 and 393 from Spindrift. Firstly they very reactive to my enquires replying within an hour each time I had a question, then the price was the lowest I could find with some shops asking a ridiculous £2000+ for the 393. The kayaks arrived next day and were everything I was expecting. Great service.

hugh cole, from United Kingdom

5 Stars

I bought the 385FT earlier this year to take on a charity event to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The idea was simply to paddle from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean in an inflatable kayak, 530 km in all!! I chose the SeaEagle primarily as I was so impressed with the Utube SeaEagle torture test video!

I paddled this kayak the whole 530 km through rivers, canals and the Med' sea. As kayaks are not allowed in French 'locks' it had to be portaged around them, all 84 of them! This involved physically dragging the kayak, fully laden (50 kgs) with gear, up the river/canal banks out of the water. This kayak was dragged over grass, brambles, roots, wood, gravel, tarmac and concrete! It was subjected to so much abuse that there was no doubt in my mind that the handles would fail, that I'd get a puncture etc. But, having completed this epic trip, I can confirm that the underside is, of course, marked, but no deep scratches, no significant scrapes and no punctures. In fact, upon close inspection the underside is far less marked than my hard sit on top kayak that has suffered next to no abuse!

The front and rear handles took everything I asked of them, no problem! I am totally amazed at how tough, how well made and how reliable this kayak is! This trip would have destroyed my Gumotex kayak (that I did the length of the Thames in last year), it would have destroyed the Syvelor kayak my mate has, this 385FT is frankly amazing! Regards on the water performance, with the skeg fitted it tracks really well (spins on a dime without it!) its very stable (yes with care I did stand up in it numerous times and never fell in!) , it can carry tons of gear and the hard nose and tail bits are super strong and for the first time, enable worry free accidental ramming of banks, walls etc! The self bailing plugs work really well when in the sea waves, you can be fully confident it wont sink! Overall, this is probably "the best inflatable kayak in the World"!

Thank you Spindrift for your support and thank you SeaEagle for making it. 10/10

Michael, from Brixham, Devon

5 Stars

After spending a few months researching inflatable kayaks I came

across the names Sea Eagle and Spindrift, I made arrangements to have a look at the Fast Track 385. On the day I met up with Mark and after a chat and seeing the 385 made the purchase. First time spent 2-3 hours with my son in and around St Mary's bay. We were both very impressed with the way it handled, Very stable and moved through the water with ease. The following day went out with a neighbour who, I hope doesn't mind me saying, Is a big chap and still it moved through the water with ease and little effort, Even with just myself paddling. This is a very good kayak well made and works exactly as claimed, A very good craft. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an inflatable kayak. Many thanks to Mark and the staff at Spindrift.

Mike, from UK

4 Stars

Hi Dave,

Just to thank you and Mark for such an excellent service. I received the two packages on Wednesday 18th morning and am very pleased with everything.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all the best for 2014.

Kind regards,


Keith, from West Midlands

5 Stars


Thought you might like to know - we tried out our S370 yesterday on our local canal - and were amazed! The boat is so easy to paddle, and very quick - at least as good as the 14 footer I used to have. And The skegs work very well - she tracks straight! .

We also noted the relative stiffness of the boat - inflatables are notoriously wonky when getting in & out. Yet, we were able to get in & out via the short back deck of out 'Trad' narrow boat as easily as alongside the bank. Great stuff! I've already advised 2 lots of friends to go for Sea Eagle - it's a great package


Sean, from Ireland

5 Stars

Hi There ,

Took delivery of our new 370 yesterday only ordered on Sunday(great service to Ireland), my wife and I took her for maiden voyage on the river yesterday evening , I have to say, it does what it say on the tin, I would highly recommended the 370 , thanks for the speedy delivery,



Mike, from Merseyside

5 Stars

Dave, just a quick e-Mail to say thanks very much for the excellent help and service you provided over the last couple of weeks. I received my Sea Eagle package on Wednesday and have just spent an excellent weekend away with the family in Snowdonia, Wales. The kayak is Excellent, really sturdy and tracks well for an inflatable. I will be recommending you company in future and am already looking to add to the Kayak with the addition of the Sea Eagle Sail.

Again, thanks for your help Dave. Hopefully we'll have many years using the Sea Eagle!

Richard Sant, from Scotland

5 Stars

I settled on the Fastrack after loads of research and having paddled open water, inland lochs and white water in Scotland I''m really pleased I did. Fast (for an inflatable), tracks and handles superbly well and has confidence inspiring stablity. Capable of load carrying for long weekend trips for 2 adults and a dog and yet packs into a bag you can carry - can''t recomend it enough!

CAUMONT, from VENOY 89290

5 Stars

Owe, from Sweden

4 Stars

I have owned it for two years and has paddled something like 300 km along the Baltic sea shore. It has worked fine single-handled, double or double plus a dog. The footrest is recommended in front. It is possible to paddle 10 km a day or more, but you need to use a lot more strength compared to most wooden or fibre glass kayaks. Makes good exercise and you do not have to worry about stability. It is even possible to stand up within it when entering from a ladder. When sailing it has replaced my Avon dinghy.

You can get wet even under rather moderate conditions since you sit at the lowest point. The seat is thin and therefore I often use a 10 cm thick, PVC cusion underneath it to keep my own bottom dry. Things like cell-phone and camera are kept safe in the seats backside pocket. Placed otherwise they easily get wet. Skeg and keel is good for side stability at sea, but the latter make the kayak rather bulky to store this kayak has met my rather high expectations.

Peter Thompson, from Dorset England

5 Stars

I gave this item stars as it exactly what I wanted and I got what I expected. I have used it on the sea and grade two water and have been impressed with how well it handles, I am also pleased with how quick it is to inflate and get on the water.

Nigel Turpin, from Norfolk UK

5 Stars

I have been a casual canoeist of the pottering variety for many years and wondered if purchasing a Fast track would wean me off my much loved Ace Voyager spun moulded plastic kayaks.

Answer ''Yes''!

The Fastrack is remarkably rigid (the dropped floor/keel construction is really well thought out), is stable, cuts the water nicely and is a great load carrier.

It pumps up and deflates easily and well, looks and feels extremely durable and packs into a locker in my motorhome.

The ''instant'' sail is a good investment, people are definitely intrigued by this...

You can easily carry the Fast track on a roofrack (I invert mine) with no obvious ''bounce'' or shifting of load. Tw luggage straps are plenty.

In terms of energy use I would say it is about 85% as efficient to paddle as a standard kayak, and would guess it can''t get much better than that with this load carrying capacity.

The wrap round seats are comfortable and efficient and the paddles of good quality.

I am really glad I didn''t go for a cheapo alternative and can recomend this package 100%.

If anyone wants a chat about it my e mail is

Paul Halewood, from Essex

5 Stars

Fantastic purchase. Have used this or two summers now including to Holidays in Spain. The kids have loved paddling out to sea in a safe and reliable product.

The product is of the highest standard and everything still looks like the day we bought it even after spending many days at sea and in the sun.

The service and delivery was perfect and the advice given prior to purchase was spot on.

Gerald, from rotherham

4 Stars

Quite expensive but very good quality product.

So easy and very quick to set up

Had problem with steel paddles, with locking button pushing out and getting lost, so upgraded to carbon paddles, which have a different design, and are lighter.

Not had chance to use on rapids over grade 1 yet but hopeful of good performance.

Boat fills easily with water when raining and does not seem to drain well even with all cocks open. Have to get used to being wet.

John, from Doyle

5 Stars

What a fantastic bit of kit. We took it on holidays to Ile d''Oleron which is just off the coast of La Rochelle. We launched from the beach everyday and the kids had a ball paddling and diving off and swimming in to shore. It''s very stable and cuts through the water. You really feel secure because of the quality of the construction. I just wish I had purchased on several years earlier.

Etienne ALPHONSE, from Meaux (FRANCE)

4 Stars

Good Boat

Maybe I will buy the new larger sail.

Graham A, from SS7 1TB

5 Stars

I purchased my Sea Eagle 330 kayak in July 2007 after research on the internet, for the purpose of enjoying some recreation in my retirement. My family and friends have been impressed with its compactness, ease of storage, transport and handling, by comparison with its rivals there is not another on the market which can compete. The support and service given when I required a replacement footpump under guarantee where first class and it is a pleasure to deal with a company that cares in the real sense for their customers.

fabio bertelli, from italy

5 Stars

ottimo kayak, per robustezza per comodità per stabilità

John, from Croatia

5 Stars

The kayak itself is excellent, very easy and fast to blow up and pack away, it''s very strong and glides easily. It is also great that it can be converted to be paddled by one or two people so easily. I use it in both modes often.

My minor complaints are not related directly to the kayak. The carrying bag is almost impossible to use for anything other than for two people to put in the back of a car. I live a ten minute walk from the sea but on a steep hill. I struggled like crazy until I added some rucsac straps to the bag. The bail hole stoppers do not stay attached when the bail holes are open. I almost lost one and since then put in a pocket rather than relying on the securing loop.

My only other suggestion is to buy the foot rest. It would be much harder to paddle without it, it slips a bit but still helps a lot. I think it should be included as part of the pro-package.

Overall I''m very pleased with my purchase. I did a lot of research on different models and while not cheap I am sure I made the right choice.

Barbara Miller, from London

4 Stars

We have had a LOT of fun in this kayak. It''''s high quality, well made, very strong and incredibly stable, you can stand up in it and it won''''t tip. No way it compares to a ''''real'''' sea kayak but it does go along surprisingly well thanks to the keel/skeg and tracks straight. With 2 of us paddling we can get a fair speed up- and I have to say the convenience more than makes up for it. We''''ve done more kayaking in the last year than the previous 10! We''''ve taken it on a lot of canals and in sheltered sea (Poole harbour, Studland etc). We can get it from car boot to on the water in 10 minutes flat (often acquiring an audience of interested bystanders!) and you can get afloat in places where you might not otherwise...The various packs and stowage are well designed, plenty for day trips, probably not enough room for camping gear unless you were solo.

So why not 5? I''''m 5''''5 with shortish arms and the high sides do make paddling tiring. (We probably should have got the blow up seats rather than the pro seats -you end up sitting too low). And could do with a better designed holdall to carry everything in! preferably 2- one longish one to put the paddles in in halves. From experience it''''s easier to carry once inflated.

In summary - this is a good boat - get the one with the skeg and the keel it''''s worth it. Buy the blow up seats to get higher, forget the footrests. Keep it in the car boot so you''''re ready to go. Enjoy!

Anne Marie Vincent, from UK

5 Stars

We absolutely love our Sea Eagle, it''''s a great way to get out on the water without taking a solid kayak. We travel abroad alot in our motorhome and without the Sea Eagle we would have to fit a trailer for 2 kayaks and pay for extra space on campsites etc. Our Sea Eagle inflates and deflates fast and efficiently, it is rock solid and we have not been able to capsize it without lots of effort! There is storage space and bungees to keep your dry bags secure. Tracking is excellent and the kayak keeps a pretty straight course without much effort, like all paddling equipment you need to rinse before packing away to maintain the quality. The whole kit packs away neatly and stores in the garage of our motorhome. The carry bag is ok and we did have slight issue with it but the great chaps at Spindrift had no problem with replacing it and even giving us a large duffle bag as an alternative. The service from Spindrift is second to none, they certainly go out of their way to be fast and efficient (bit like the kayak really :-) ) This year we are going to purhcase the sail, very excited about that and will review that when we have used it a bit.

David, from Cheshire

4 Stars

In my first year I have paddled solo and tandem on rivers up to grade 2 and canals, the boat is very versatile and performed well in all conditions, I would have no fear about taking it in grade 3 water or above when my skills improve, it''s excellent stability is a great confidence booster. You really can stand up in it making getting in and out a pleasure, I have not once thought it would capsize.

The boat is very tough and shows no signs of wear and tear at the end of the year.

Overall I am very happy with the boat it is so handy to put in the car for holidays without the worry of someone stealing it when not in use, and it really does perform as well as a hard shell.

Redfern, from East Sussex

5 Stars

Great canoe,even greater service. Buy with confidence from this company,they look after you.Their inflatables are stable ,and safe, and I use mine off shore abroad on holiday.My partner and have huge fun as the canoe is so versatile.


avidshopper, from Lincolnshire

4 Stars

I have been canoeing for well over 40 years with a whole variety of different types of canoe and I was looking for a suitable canoe that would encourage my wife, with only a few hours canoeing experience to take up the sport more fully. Owning an open top car that can not take a roof rack and regular use of a caravan meant that out best option for a canoe was either a fold-away or an inflatable. I was somewhat sceptical, at first, but having researched the market and chosen the Sea Eagle two seater option, I can report that it stows away neatly in the boot or back seat of a car, it is easy to inflate and get ready to use, with excellent paddles. In the water it is very stable indeed, comfortable, easy to use and handles well. We have not used it on the sea. It really looks the part being well made in top quality materials. It has good storage space and it deflates and packs away neatly and easily. It can be a little heavy for one person to carry when packed away, but it is a great product which has met all of our requirements really well. I would highly recomend it to other prospective purchasers.

David Cottrell, from United Kingdom

5 Stars

This is one of the most versatile boats around, handles well as a single or double and is very stable, so is suitable for beginners as well as experienced paddlers. Loads of videos on YouTube so I will not repeat what they show, only to confirm that the boat handles as well as the reviews say it does.

Very please with my purchase and have recommended it to friends.