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Kayak and Boat Anchors
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Boat and Carry Bags
A selection of boat and utilty bags
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Buoyancy Aids
Crewsaver 50N Response Buoyancy Aids
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General Bits and Pieces
A selection of accessories that don't sit in any other category - Bilge pumps, D rings, valve adaptors etc.
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Kayak and Boat Trolleys
EZ and Eckla trolleys for your boats and kayaks
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Keeping Kit Dry - Dry Bags
Keep your kit dry whilst out on the water
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OverBoard Dry Bags
100% waterproof phone, camera bags and rucksacks.
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A selection of AB 30, AB 40 and AB 50 paddles
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Protect and Restore
Once you have purchased your Sea Eagle you will want to look after and take care of it more than a new car.
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From foot pumps to electric pumps for all Sea Eagle products.
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QuikSail- Universal Kayak Sail
Universal Kayak Sail, converts any kayak into a sailing vessel. Easy deployment in under one minute, breaks down to just 43" for convenient storage in the bow or stern. This "down wind" sail can move a kayak up to 7 knots and can be steered using your paddle as a rudder. Works with all Sea Eagle Kayaks and almost any other kayak out there.
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Repair and Mend
Just incase you need a quick repair.
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Need extra or replacement seats?
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White water kit
High pressure footrests, thigh straps, etc
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Multi-Purpose Kayak Storage Box
Sea Eagle's New Multi Purpose Kayak Storage Box makes a great way to securely stow your items and is an absolute must have for kayaking enthusiast. Lightweight and portable, this storage box folds down to the size and weight of the local newspaper.
Price: £42.00
RRP: £45.00
Sun/Rain Canopy
Keeps you cool and protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In a sudden rainstorm, it keeps you dry
Price: £150.00
RRP: £230.00
Universal QuikRow™ Kit
This Universal QuikRow® Kit is the perfect accessory for Sea Eagle iSUPs, Explorers™, FastTracks™ and PaddleSki™ Series. (Weighs only 9kgs.)
Price: £395.00
RRP: £425.00